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South Africa is home to more than 22 000 indigenous seed plants from almost 230 different families. It is also the proud home of 10% of the world’s flowering species, making it a major contributor to the global ecological scene. 

The diversity and abundance of South African plants is impressive, and is one of the reasons that South Africa is such a popular tourist destination. The flora acts as the natural habitat for the many different animal species that call South Africa home, and is a key contributing agent for the biodiversity and ecological health and wealth of this land. 

Some of the plants, particularly succulents, have long been used for their medicinal qualities by the indigenous folk that have roamed the South African plains for centuries. Over time, they learnt what was edible and what was poisonous, which South African plants could cure and soothe, and which could cause harm. Today, many of these floral species are still used, albeit to a lesser degree, by the traditional folk for their medicinal value.

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